HyperVerse Guidelines

Read the Following Carefully!

Discord Guidelines! ✘

✘ No Advertising Your Server or Other Servers

✘ No Spamming

✘ No Disrespect


✘ No Foul Language

✘ No Selling Minecraft Accounts

✘ Do not argue with our staff, our decisions are final

✘ Do not mention staff

✘ We Strictly forbid any extra/alt accounts. All accounts, will be suspended and any future accounts.

Minecraft Guidelines! ✘

✘ No Hacked Cliants (This includes XRay Texture Packs)

✘ No Griefing

✘ No Spamming/Caps/Characters in Chat

✘ No Disrespect/Arguing towards anyone

✘ No X-Rated Content

✘ No Threatening Anyone or the Server

✘ Purchasing Ranks are FINAL, No refunds are prehibited

✘ No Scamming Players out of their REAL Money on /buy

✘ No Abusing Commands/Privilages

✘ No Evading punishments (This includes using alternative accounts)

✘ No Advertising Your Server or Other Servers

✘ No Ipersonating Anyone!

✘ No Abusing Glitches/Bugs

✘ English Only

✘ No Inapropiate Builds

✘ No Redstone Lag Machines

✘ No Begging for Ranks/Perks are prohibited

Players that don’t follow these Guidelines will be warned three times before being kicked or banned! These rules are subject to change at any time! Some rules that are listed do NOT count for the Off-Topic discord channel!

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