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November Update

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Hello Everyone! Now That I'm the only one working on the server. I'll be trying my hardest to focus on it... all the other staff member will be too busy. I'm sorry also.. Because we're going to be pushing up the server release date to something more... ready... Because of that, we don't know when the new release date is.. but we're hoping we'll be able to tell you all soon!

Be ready for more upcoming server updates, as an event will be hosted when the server is released!

Thank you all for waiting patiently as we're a small team currently!
- Vexin // TeamRecords

Be sure to also check out our store and website below!

We're back Everyone!

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I'm glad to announce the HyperVerseMC is bringing a full comeback as of September 22nd and we're bringing you all with us!
We hope you enjoy our server and our new website as we continue to develop and grow!

Continue to support us on our store at
View and join our wonderful community server and talk to our wonderful staff team at

Join our Server below!

Thank you Everyone for keeping us here and motivated!
Staff Team of HyperVerseMC and ARCFoundation

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