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Spooktober Update 2

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Server Progress 4.png

We've finally updated our spawn to look even better! Not only that, but we're almost finished with the server!
Be ready for release this October 31st!

We're working hard and we hope you like our server, as only two people are currently working on it!
We will be adding an application to our website and as of today, the application for the old HyperVerse Server aka CloudSkies will be migrated from google docs and will be posted and linked to the website!

Be ready for more upcoming server updates, as an event will be hosted when the server is released!

Thank you all for waiting patiently as we're a small team currently!
- Vexin // TeamRecords
- BowMine // 2Bowie

Be sure to also check out our store and discord below!


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Well its that time of the year... Its Spooky time!!!

The server this month will be Halloween themed and will be having event themed fun!!!
Hope everyone has there costumes ready for this month!!!

October Update!

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Server Progress 3.png

We're working hard to get our server released! However that's not why I'm posting this!

As you can see, we're recoloring the server entirely! Meaning we're keeping the brand but new graphics and more!
We hope you like this small update!

Be sure to join our discord and join the website!

We're back Everyone!

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I'm glad to announce the HyperVerseMC is bringing a full comeback as of September 22nd and we're bringing you all with us!
We hope you enjoy our server and our new website as we continue to develop and grow!

Continue to support us on our store at
View and join our wonderful community server and talk to our wonderful staff team at

Join our Server below!

Thank you Everyone for keeping us here and motivated!
Staff Team of HyperVerseMC and ARCFoundation

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